Meet the General Manager of Fortis Hotel Malaga, Ozwane Mahlungu
September 6, 2018
Interview with Juanita Cronje, our Financial Director
September 6, 2018
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Ozwane Maria Mahlangu, my story.

I was born on a farm called Windhoek on the other side of Dullstroom. My mom and dad worked on farm. My dad worked as labour and my mom was a kitchen girl.

I come from a family of 8 children, 6 boys and 2 calls and we now left 4 boys and 2 girls. My 2 older brothers and I never attended school until we started school when I was 8 years old since there were school close by on the farm where we lived.

I am very proud to be who I am today the way our raised. I used to go to work with my mom as kid every day it wasn’t nice seeing under kids of my boss going to school and I am not. I remember I will play by myself outside whilst my mom is busy and when my mom’s boss kids comes out school I will then play with them.

The kids taught me Afrikaans and I started understating it as a kid 7-year-old. When I started school, I was able to understand a lot in Afrikaans and thus making me bright at school. When we moved to stay at other farms where school was available I then excel. In the olden days there were not enough classes and kids with different grades will be in one class. In 1985 I was in standard 4, with standards 3 & 5, but I refused answering stuff for standard 4 and only answered for standard 5. Eventually in April that year I was promoted to standard 5.

I passed very well with flying coulors especially Afrikaans. My dad and mom could not afford to send me to high school, so I then started working at the age of 14. I always had dreams, I wanted to be intelligent and always said to myself if I had money I would study and become a judge in court.

I worked as an aupare looking after babies, then at a take away café, cleaner in a shop and a merchandize. Years went I was 18 when I had my first born and got married at 19. I had a second born when I was 20. I am blessed with a boy and a girl.

I then worked on a farm called Waboomkop in Dullsroom which it’s called today Walkersons Private Estate. This place took me from where I was to who I am today. Working as cleaner on the farm in syndicate houses made me a General Manager today. But it does just happen, my father taught me that I should not say not to something that can never talk back to me, meaning always give everything you do in life a chance, tomorrow will be always better than today.

I worked my way up at this place from being a cleaner to housekeeping in the hotel, then waiter, bar lady, receptionist, reservationist, wedding organiser, assistant manager and to General Manager today.

I always wanted to be better, wanted to be on television, magazines. I am glad that today I am going to be in magazine for the third time. In the mean time whilst working in the hotel I decided to study further, and you are never old to learn. I studied through Damelin Correspondence did grade 6,7 & 8 and passed though it was hard doing that as I was a mother of 2 wife and had to work at the same time but “Why not if Can” which was one of my dream book I wanted to publish and started writing and didn’t submit.  I then did matric at the age of 40. I believe in “you are never old to learn”

 Sipho Hot Sticks Mabuse was the person who inspired me as he was 60 in 2012 when he did his matric.

I never stop dreaming and always wanted to have my own B&B called “Why say No if you Can” I am turning 46 this year and always dreaming of running my own business. I love hospitality, I love hosting guests and it has always been my passionate in Hospitality industry. Dealing with guests on a day to day basis taught me a lot as guests are also there to teach something you don’t know and get to know people from different country

I believe I should never stop dreaming and one day who know, I can be the the owner of Malaga Hotel. Watch the space, my goals is to be an owner one day.