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189 Fred Nicholson Street, 1st Floor, Les Marais, Pretoria, 0084

Fortis Bucks
  /  Fortis Bucks



Fortis Bucks Rewards Programme is Free


R1 is equivalent to 1 Fortis Buck


Guests are eligible to earn Fortis Bucks on 5% of their total accommodation value excluding tourism levy and VAT


Fortis Bucks are valid for a 12-month period. Fortis Bucks are allocated to the cardholder 24 hours after check-out




Fortis Bucks may be used as payment towards the following:Accommodation excluding VAT & tourism Levy


Food & Beverages in our hotel restaurants & bars


Watch this space for future dining and accommodation promotions

Register at your nearest Fortis Hotel and collect your Fortis Bucks Loyalty Card.

Already Registered: Click Here

• Fortis Bucks may be earned when booking through a 3rd party booking agent.
• Fortis Bucks may be earned when booking via your travel agent, however may not be earned for bookings made via online third party intermediaries.
• Fortis Bucks may not be used for room upgrades and / or room supplements.
• Fortis Bucks are not transferrable from one member to another nor can they be exchanged for cash.
• Fortis Bucks may not be earned when referring a family member, friend, colleague or associate.
• Rewards and benefits are applicable only when the member personally occupies the room, or when special offers allow for booking more than one room. The member must accompany the other party in order to receive special rates and other benefits.

• Members will not be incentivised to earn additional Bucks for bookings made in advance, unless included in a particular promotion as advertised by Fortis Hotels.
• Fortis Bucks may not be used as payment for any in-house and / or outsourced sundry items, not limited to but including, Hotel parking, Laundry, Telephone accounts, Staff gratuities, Equipment or Spa treatments.
• Fortis Bucks may not be used as payment for banqueting or conference packages nor related revenue.
• Fortis Bucks may not be used as payment for the state imposed Tourism Levy.
• No commission is payable on any Fortis Bucks redemption bookings.
• Fortis Bucks redemption bookings may be made directly with the hotel, or via our Central Reservations Office.
• Should you lose your Fortis Bucks Card, just drop us an email and we will gladly send you a replacement card –

To receive additional information about Fortis bucks membership, please contact your nearest Fortis Hotel.

Terms & Conditions

1. The Fortis Bucks Loyalty Programme (“the Programme”) is a reward Programme operated by Fortis Hotels (Pty) Ltd.

2. Only persons who are 18 years or older are eligible to sign up for the Programme.

3. Identification will be required by the member on check-in by either producing a green Bar-coded South African ID, Driver’s License or Passport when making use of hotel benefits.

4. Fortis Hotels reserves the right, to withdraw memberships at it’s sole discretion. In addition, Fortis Hotels reserves the right to suspend or terminate Programme participation where members are in breach of the terms and conditions, including but not limited to, qualification criteria.

5. Qualifying criteria for offers and benefits of the Programme shall commence with the activity status of the member.

6. Programme participation, rewards and benefits are not transferable.

7. Rewards, offers and benefits may not be used in conjunction with other offers and benefits or unrelated rewards / customer loyalty Programmes, unless approved by Fortis Hotels.

8. Fortis Hotels reserves the right, without consultation with members or any prior approval thereof, to amend the terms and conditions for participation in the Programme, including but not limited to alliance with other rewards / customer loyalty Programmes.

9. Equally rewards, benefits earned, special offers, expiry periods and rates at which points are earned, may be amended from time to time.

10. The Rewards Programme is valid at participating Fortis Hotels in South Africa. The participating hotels may be changed from time to time and such changes will be published under the terms and conditions on the Fortis Hotels website.

11. All bookings are subject to the existing terms and conditions prevailing at the time of booking, including meal and children’s policies.

12. Members are required to notify any Fortis Hotel of any changes in address or personal details, either in writing or in person at the Front Desk.

13. Partner reward / customer loyalty Programmes linked to the Programme operate independently subject to their own terms and conditions. Fortis Hotels shall not be liable for any loss (including loss of income), injury, death and / or damages of any nature whatsoever and howsoever arising, including negligence on the part of Fortis Hotels, which may occur as the result of the use of any products, goods or services offered by partner Programmes.

14. Fortis Hotels reserves the right to alter, amend or cancel the Programme at any time without prior written notice. In addition, the use of points and / or benefits may be suspended from time to time without prior written notice thereof.

15. Programme Participants consent to the processing of their specific personal information by Fortis Hotels for historical, statistical and research purposes, and for the update of personal information obtained from reliable sources. Request for the deletion, amendment or updating of personal information should be made in writing. Information

is not shared with any third parties.

16. Recorded personal information may be accessed in compliance with the published Protection of Personal Information (“POPI”) Act / Policy. Recorded personal information not required for Fortis Hotel’s performance pursuant to the Programme, Programme participation, including assigned benefits, will be determined immediately.

17. Programme participants indemnify and hold harmless, Fortis Hotels, its subordinates, management and employees against any legal action, claim or suit, including but not limited to noncompliance in respect of consent requirements. except where such legal action, claim or suit is a result of gross negligence and unlawful acts on the part of Fortis Hotels.

18. All customer related queries should be directed to the Fortis Hotel’s Head Office on +27 (0)12 335 7589.

19. By making use of the Programme, guests acknowledge that they are aware of the conditions of use. To ensure you receive your membership benefits and rewards please

present your rewards card upon check in.

20. Fortis Hotels cannot be held responsible for correspondence sent to you which is lost or delayed in the mail.

21. Members may elect not to be included in Fortis Hotel’s marketing communications by opting out at any time and notifying the relevant Fortis entity in writing. A reasonable period should be allowed for Fortis Hotels to give effect to the aforementioned opt-out request; hence the member may receive marketing communication during the transitional period.

22. Employees of Fortis Hotels or any subsidiary may not participate in the Programme.